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"Who, me?"
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Who is Hoomi?
Hoomi is Misha's intestines.
Hoomi is pouty and cute.
Hoomi is pink.
Hoomi is doesn't mince words.
Hoomi sees the world from the inside.
Hoomi is out of place on the outside.
Hoomi is a wiggley soft/hard sixpack*.

*Number may vary, no restrictions apply.

Who is Hoomi not?
Hoomi is not an alien (humans are the aliens).
Hoomi is not a vessel of ancient wisdom (Hoomie is gut wisdom).
Hoomi is not the only one. Everybody has their own, but most people don't get stressed enough for theirs to come out.
How did Hoomi get his name?
Misha got so anxious that his insides jumped out.
"Who are you?" exclaimed Misha.
His tummy replied "Who, me?"
What does Hoomi like?
Hoomi likes Hot drinks like: tea, coffee and gingerale.
Hoomi likes Hugs.
Hoomi likes to be rubbed in a circular motion.
Friends who drop by often and don't stay long.
The sound of his own opinions.
Round foods, like: grapes, apples, plums, oranges, green peas, biscuits, cookies, potpies, bagels, lollipops, meatballs, donuts and silver dollar pancakes.
In the bathtub with music and candles until he gets wrinkley.

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